Wednesday 23 April 2014

How I make my little glass cabochons ...

As I'm busy putting together a range of jewellery pieces using my fused glass cabochons I thought it might be helpful to show the steps involved to produce these little colourful gems ... so here goes.....

Firstly I need to choose my colours (yes,  I know that bit's very obvious ..)

Then I score, and break the glass into strips and then into tiny squares

I cut LOTS of glass at once to make sure I can fill the kiln.  Next I clean the pieces with glass cleaner and dry each little square carefully to make sure no finger prints, grease or dirt is left on the glass

The glass pieces are stacked in little piles of 2 squares each - I apply a tiny dab of glass glue in-between the pieces so that they don't shift in the kiln.

At this stage I prefer to give the glass a light brush with a devit spray to ensure that the finished cabs come out of the kiln nice and shiny.

The kiln is carefully loaded and fused to a temperature of around 1450 degrees - I usually fire up the kiln mid afternoon and it'll be cool and ready for unloading the next morning ... I get up a little earlier those mornings because I still find checking the finished fuse exciting  - and a little nerve wrecking if I've been fusing large pieces!!

And as if by magic the little squares have been transformed into beautiful, shiny little polka dots :)

The glass is washed again to remove any traces of kiln paper dust.

Finally I key the back of each cabochon with a dremel to help ensure a secure bond with the metal jewellery findings.

et voilĂ  !! The little cabs make colourful and pretty little jewellery pieces :)

I hope you found this helpful ! :)

Dandy off to new home ... perch and all

 He's off to a new home before I managed to make him any friends ! 

Sunday 26 January 2014

Jolly Handmade Buttons

I've been adding some more of the little fused glass buttons to my online shop

I may be biased, but they are just so sweet I want to add them to all my little cardigans for Springtime

You can find some of these buttons here

Thursday 21 November 2013

Winter Arrives ...

Although this is not our first snow of the winter, it is our first proper snow of the winter :)  The view out our living room window this morning ...

The view from the kitchen window ... think these  will be the last roses of 2013

Our neighbours little barn wrapped in snow. 

And it's still snowing ....not really looking forward to the drive down the mountain to the post office this afternoon !!!

Monday 11 November 2013