Wednesday 29 August 2007

I'm a blogger...... now what?

I know that once I start this I'll have plenty to post about....... but it's just getting started that's the problem! Do I give a short history of my life so far or do I just start like a randomly opened page in a book and let you speculate at the 'before'

OK - I'm just going to jump in with the 'now' stuff but I best set the scene a little :)

I live in the very gorgeous french alps with my husband and 2 cats - we are Irish (including the cats) and moved to France in 2004 from England where we lived for 3 years. I make contemporary stained glass panels and objets, a little jewellery, dabble in painting and textiles and whatever takes my fancy.


katsai said...

looks like you're off to a great start Pam. Welcome to the blogging :)

I just so love those wings!

Apol said...

Salut, Pamela! Good luck here.
--lapomme (have to get around to opening another account so it doesn't link to my other blog and show this face!!!)

deedeen said...

Welcome Pam!!! I didn't know you were irish! And if you live in the French Alps, maybe it's quite near Switzerland?

syko kajsa said...

How interesting to hear a little about your background! Good luck with the blog, I've been blogging for over a year and I now have a network of crafting friends all over the world, how great is that?

Pamela Angus said...

thanks everyone
Deedeen - I live about an hour and a bit from Switzerland - but I 've only been to Geneva airport! I must make more of an effort to see the country :)

Mudflapgypsy said...

You must be the only friend I have who blogs!!!

I started anonymously and kept it going even though I'm not anonymous anymore.

Welcome to blogging world Pam.


Pamela Angus said...

Haha - should I call you Mud or D? For a minute I had no idea who the hell you could be:) Yay for blogging !! hope you and Mrs M are well :)

Mudflapgypsy said...

I'm off "sick" at the mo'. Was ill last week but went into I'm due a sick day!

Apart from that Mrs M and i are in good spirits.