Saturday 22 May 2010

Weekly Happy Stats :)

part of our garden yesterday

happy things this week include

:)  garlands getting featured on Apronstrings and Pretty Things - thank you Tammy!!

:)  watching Mr + Mrs Lizard meet each other on the balcony, Mr Lizard shuffled across to hold Mrs Lizard's hand and after a minute they shimmy so that Mrs (heavyly pregnant it would seem) Lizard can snuggle up beside her hubby and rest her chin on his leg.  aaawwwwww :D   I was so excited to see this all unfold!!

:)  it's shorts weather again

:)  the garden is looking fresh and lush

:)  my not very flat tummy looking flat yesterday - only a glitch lol!


Huismus said...

What a sweet Lizard lovestory, ha!
Sounds like you've had a pretty cool week and your garden looks great! :-)

mchen said...

Oh, I haven't been here in too long, Pamela... I love your new blog header (at least I think it's new!) — it's beautiful.

These weekly happy stats are so fun! And I love the Lizard one too — adorable. Happy recent anniversary!

Thongbai Tatong said...

I love the super green and fresh color of your garden.

And the weather is nice again. People say you tend to get rid of your winter weight when the sun shines again. Have fun in the garden and I an sure you will loose a few inches;)

Thanks for sharing, Pam.

Campbell Jane said...

Your garden is lovely!