Sunday 2 January 2011

Back to work Missy ...

It's nice to get the decorations put away again - the tree (complete with it's droopy rigamortis that set in week 2) is in the garden waiting to get recycled into firewood poor thing.
I'm hoping to get stuck into some work again on Monday (over the holidays I managed to grind a few token pieces of a panel I've been trying to finish for quite literally years ) Anyway I feel as enthusiastic as these girls look which is pretty sad for day 2 of 2011.

All images by the fantabulous Tim Walker for Vogue


ArtMind said...

Such amazing images! Stunning!
Happy working in 2011, Pam! :)

Stephanie said...

beautiful images!

I need to take down my tree asap!

Clare said...

ah, yes, I'm feeling that way too...a little slow to get back into my studio. I'm sure it will all come back soon. Have a wonderful new year. (your blog is so lovely - wonderful eye candy!)

Renae Taylor said...

now thats my kind of lovly

ayawedding said...

lovely fairy tale story
and surprise

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happy new year