Friday 21 January 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

It's been awhile but I just made another Marie Antoinette inspired garland (yes yes I know she probably never said "Let them eat cake" but we're all allowed some artistic license especially when we can't think of anything else ....)

This is a slightly deeper seafoam colour than the Waiting For Fersen I made a few years ago (sadly I've only the tiniest little piece of that glass left and this is the closest we could find to replace it ) but saying that this glass is very gorgeous and delicate - it's hand blown and has loads of sweet little air bubbles.

The faceted golden glass beads I bought whilst in Florence last year, I think they were waiting for this garland :)  The shabby pink millinery roses are the same sweet flowers that I used in the Fersen garland. 

very tempted to make some stars to match this bunting ... I wish I'd stop getting distracted to make new stuff before I've finished everything else that's sitting on my bench!!

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ruthie said...

I love dropping by to catch up on your new creations, beautiful as always. x