Wednesday 9 November 2011

The Palace of Versailles

It was a very quick trip, a speed visit.   We only had a couple of hours before leaving to stay over night at Chartres but I told myself I see more when I visit again.  sometime :)

I love a French chateau and I'd been dreaming of seeing Versailles for years.  It was jaw-droppingly  beautiful, I must have looked like a startled bunny walking through the rooms, but was it my fav Chateau experience?  Sadly not, putting all the gorgeousness aside it was CRAZY!!!  This was on a quiet day because there was no queue for tickets, or to get through security but still it was mayhem :D  In particular the Hall of Mirrors and Marie Antoinette's room .... I couldn't even get a look at her bed ...just the canopy.  Still maybe next time!

Anyway here are some photos I took

 it's HUGE

 checking out the cracks in the ceiling

 I was surprised at the really bold colours - beautiful looking through one room to the next.

 I want that!!!

 I call this the Mr Kipling French Fancy Room .... part of a side exhibition of how the palace might have looked today ...
 The Hall of Mirrors - soooooo gorgeous but I wish all those people weren't there lol!  ruining the aesthetic :D

Tried to take a photo of me and hubby in the mirrors ... didn't really work :)

Marie Antoinette's room (I think - I didn't reading any of the info .... like I said it was a rush visit) Couldn't see a thing !!!

Will go back in a year or so and see the Trianon and the gardens and maybe take a breath to enjoy it :)  But Langeais is still my favourite chateau visit ever


OneCraftyFox said...

Absolutely incredible!! Hope you are doing well, sweetie :)

Pamela Angus said...

thanks Diana , yep life is good right now - trying to get back to blogging tho ..
I pop over to your gorgeous blog all the time - but I lurk most days!! :D x